Power Treads

Video overview of script for Power Treads

Program for Power Treads switching. This is a universal application, you can use it with any hero, you buy Power Treads for. This script automatically toggles boots statement to intelligence before using abilities, than restore boots statement for you. Also it can automatically turn your hero to the cursor direction before using some abilities, like Slark's "Pounce" or Mirana's "Leap".There are 3 different program modes: "Instant without turn", "Instant with turn" and the mode, which returns Power Treads statement to the original, while you release the combo hotkey. This program is a macros pack. It’s not a cheat soft. Program doesn’t inject into Dota 2 client, so it’s absolutely safe for your account. Now, we're going to consider in details each program function. Say, we'd like to play Bristleback with Power Treads. I suppose, that you'd like to keep Power Treads in strength statement by default. We click the PT picture in program and this way we setup red color. Further, below the second ability, we select the mode "Instant". Don't change delay after turn. Let it be 0. Because the "Quill Spray" hasn't any cast animation or backswing animation, also leave in this field 0. We're going to press button "Save changes" and to check it out. As we can see, now when I press the W button, our hedgehog automatically toggles Power Treads and saves mana before each "Quill Spray" shot. Some Dota 2 abilities, they do have cast animation or so called backswing animation. For instance, Antimage Blink. There are 2 options, to use this program with Blink. First, we can enable "On hotkey release" below the W ability. In this case the program will toggle Power Tread back to agility as soon, as we release the hotkey "W". Another, second variant - install "Instant" mode and also setup not null ability cast delay. Time is in MS, it means, that 1000 is a second. If you play Mirana, Slark or Shadow Fiend, also setup not null delay after turn for abilities: "Pounce", "Leap", "Shadowraze". In this case, your hero will automatically turn to your cursor position before apply any ability. In order to setup program, make left click on blue underscored inscriptions and choose hotkeys for "Directional Move" and "Power Treads" hotkey. They should be same, as hotkeys in your Dota 2 client.